"Carol is genuinely caring, non judgemental and extremely smart. She has helped me twice now at different "stuck points" in my life. Each time she was able to provide excellent clarity and insight and provide me with a new perspective to help me overcome my own head. Ha! I can 100% vouch for Carol and wouldn't hesitate to call her again should the need arise."

-Mike Edwards (Auckland)

Therapies integrated

Holistic Life Coaching is an empowering process that enables you to create real sustainable change in yourself and your life. Understand the issues in your present, create a vision that fulfils you and your potential, resolve barriers that get in your way and develop a plan that will take you forward.”
- Life Coach Associates

Counselling – A process whereby the client is assisted to explore issues or life events that have been traumatic or to assist in the process of making decisions that may change their life direction. Counselling is very useful when exploring major life changes such as illness, relationship crisis, or other difficult challenges. Counselling is effective for people ready and wanting to take an opportunity to heal childhood wounds, to explore themselves and to change habitual ways learnt from childhood that no longer serve them.

Social Work is the art and science of understanding people in the context of the world they live in. It incorporates principles of self determination and assisting clients to gain control over their own situation. Social work has a strong underpinning in understanding the context of the world people are living in; whether that is in relation to culture, age, sex, gender, ethnicity, class, sub cultures etc.

T.A (Transactional Analysis) is a theory of personality and social interpersonal relationships which may be used in situations of mutual consent for personal growth and change, professional and social development.

Progressive relaxation and positive visualisation techniques are helpful tools which can be used to actively reinforce the new thinking, feelings and positive messages needed to help you reach your own personal goals. I encourage clients to learn self-hypnosis techniques as a complimentary exercise throughout the therapeutic process. Self hypnosis is a wonderfully relaxing and beneficial experience which, when practiced, can bring a great sense of peace and reinforce desired outcomes of therapy.