I have been a client of Carol's for quite awhile now and she is the most honest caring and helpful therapist I have had. She will go over and above to help her clients, working with her she has helped so much with my day to day life and with my personal mental health issues. Would highly recommend.    

Aaron Fowke

I feel more confident with the new coping skills I've learned. I feel I have a picture of who I am as a whole person and can move beyond my past. Thanks so much Carol, you gave me a safe space to get my head arounds things and connect to my authentic self


I met Carol for counselling suggested by my daughter. I was dealing with a chronic illness that changed my whole life. I knew I needed someone to confide my deepest concerns. Carol found the issues that bothered me the most and it didn't take long to peel back the onion. She has a very caring and soft approach and will pull out the tools necessary to help me. She showed me some matrix plans that suited my personality. In return it gave me the strength to be honest about my emotional turmoil and work out plans to deal with them now and in the future. She gave me a mandate to take my life back to who I really am. I will continue to see her.

Bobby 12/06/2018

“When I started seeing Carol I was at a very difficult time in my life. I knew what I wanted to create in my life. I needed help figuring out how I got to be in such a bad space. Carol helped me to feel safe and supported me as I ventured into some uncomfortable parts of myself, discovering some ugly truths about my behaviour along the way. Carol had the tools to help me figure out why I had made the bad decisions that had led me into the position I found myself in. She gave me the support I needed to make the changes necessary to get to where I wanted to be.

J T, Christchurch

I found the help and assistance to move forward and let go very empowering. This has helped me to have an insight to creating a very exciting and positive future. The strategies used to boost my confidence and self worth has changed me dramatically and helped me relax in my environment around others. Thank you so much Carol

Karen A.

Thank you for all of your support when I returned back to New Zealand after traveling for two years. I have a feeling I will be speaking to you again very soon...Nepal's been a bit of a headache. I'll make sure to share this with my friends, I know a lot of people in Christchurch and abroad that would flourish with your guidance. Thanks again.

Ruth Gregoriadis (19 May 2014)

Carol is genuinely caring, non judgemental and extremely smart. She has helped me twice now at different "stuck points" in my life. Each time she was able to provide excellent clarity and insight and provide me with a new perspective to help me overcome my own head. Ha! I can 100% vouch for Carol and wouldn't hesitate to call her again should the need arise.

Mike Edwards (Auckland)

Carol was very caring  and supportive  in helping me to assess my thought patterns and behaviours. She has a professional relaxed approach which put me at ease. She taught  me awareness and gave me the tools to be more in control of my life . I thank Carol very much for her help, input and care.


Carol is a tremendous social worker, although that term really doesn't do justice to the role she had within our department. She has a rare combination of skills. She is a dedicated and caring health care professional with a genuine ability to relate to people from all walks of life. She is able to really understand how complex and life changing health and personal challenges affect people within their life context.More than this, she's really able to help people overcome these challenges, using a combination of motivational and counselling techniques, as well as a range of practical support. She's just one of those really special people you sometimes come across when working in health who is fantastic at what she does, but also really personable and a pleasure to be around. I wish she'd come back and work with us again!

Nick Cross, Nephrologist, Canterbury District Health Board.

I recommend giving it a go. I have learnt so much within each of the sessions with Carol. I find that my confidence has improved so much! Being able to sit down and have a one on one has been a really positive experience. I feel more relaxed and happy within my own skin since doing this work with Carol. Knowing I can fit in well in social environments is so empowering and my new confidence has greatly helped me at work as well.

Asha, Christchurch

Hi Carol I would just like to say a huge thank you for the great insights I received during my therapy sessions with you over the past months. I still have the emotions arise from time to time but you have enabled me to the point where I can effectively deal with them when they arise and be able to stand in my truth and embrace them for what they truly represent. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any person in need of the services which you provide.


When I booked my sessions with Carol I was at a point in my life where I was faced with major life changing decisions and Carol helped me tremendously to work out my direction in life in a realistic and energising manner. Carol has a very calm approach to life and she transfers this through her sessions. I would highly recommend Carol and if I should need further life coaching I would definitely rebook! I found the confidence in myself to live my dreams and am now living happily in France with my new husband!!

Clare Bernard, France