Integrated Therapies

with Carol Woolf


  • Maximise your strengths
  • Have more confidence
  • Relieve trauma, worry and stress
  • Emotionally, and mentally, manage chronic illness and pain
  • Process grief and loss
  • Discover new joy in living
  • Make the most of what you have in life no matter what your circumstances
  • Find courage within and step into your truth

Carol offers her clients the best opportunity to achieve meaningful outcomes. By offering a multi-faceted model of treatment she can meet each of her client’s individual needs. This holistic model of self-development is an amalgamation of counselling, life coaching, Transactional Analysis, psychological and social assessment, and incorporates both relaxation and positive visualisation techniques. Carol's key purpose in this working relationship is to facilitate growth and movement for her clients. Exploring one’s potential, strengths, desires and hopes, are all part of the process; as is identifying and removing the obstacles that have been stopping you from living a life full of love, happiness, and peace. Her own diverse life experience, in addition to 17 years working in acute health services, has enabled Carol to develop this effective model of holistic therapy. Are you prepared to do the work required to be happier in life.....and want someone experienced to guide you in the process in a supportive and professionally safe manner? Then phone or email me now to discuss your individual needs.


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